Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Yellow Bird Java

It's funny how we become creatures of habit.

I'm an early riser to work. Which is easy enough because my office is at the bottom of the garden. I can, and do, go to work in my dressing gown, any time between five and six in the morning. I bring a mug of tea to kick-start that work.

Then, any time between eight-thirty and nine-thirty (that last time is critical, because it is when my business partner arrives, and, really, I'm not a pretty sight in a dressing gown...) I'm back in the kitchen, making coffee -- my own super-strength brew -- and toast.

I will drink coffee from any mug. But for some reason I have a preference for yellow mugs. And I have two of that colour, my favourite being a Tweety Bird one that someone, sometime, gave me.

For some reason, my morning coffee tastes absolutely at its best in this mug.

I wouldn't say that I do my best work when my java is steaming in this mug beside my computer. Writers are notorious for such superstitions. But I'm not superstitious. I can't afford to be. I have deadlines, and superstition is not accepted by editors for non-delivery of assignments. No more than anything else is.

However, I noticed today that my Tweety Bird mug has a chip in it. On the side that I drink from.

I know it isn't healthy to drink from chipped mugs, though mine are aways dishwashered, so the chances of bad bugs are slim enough.

Still, I'll have to dump it sooner or later.

Ehhmm, anybody know where I can get another yellow Tweety Bird mug ...?

It's not superstition. Really.

It's the taste of the coffee. Really.

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