Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Mariseo Destiny

Here's a bit of an experiment.

As some of you know, I published a novel The Mariseo Legacy in 1996, which had grown from a short story I wrote in the early nineties, Mariseo's House. These were published under the pseudonym William Trapman.

I subsequently wrote a sequel to that novel, called The Mariseo Destiny. Though I reached 'The End' of the second draft some years ago, I haven't found the time to do the final rewrites.

I've now started those rewrites, or at least the penultimate ones, and plan to publish them as I go, on a blog, The Mariseo Destiny. This is as much an exercise to encourage me to continue the project as anything else.

I'm not promising to complete it, but there's a better chance that I will if I know there are people out there waiting for the next chapter. In the nature of such things, it won't be perfect, and may even be in places incoherent. But eventually I'll sort these out (in the next rewrite level).

So this is an invitation to be a part of this experiment. Feel free to make any comments by email as we go along. I hope you enjoy it.

[LATER: For copyright reasons, I've made The Mariseo Destiny a closed blog. Anybody who wants access just needs to email me.]

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